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What To Know About Bail Bonds If Your Loved One Is In Jail

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Getting a phone call from a loved one informing you that they are in jail is not something anyone ever expects or would want to deal with, but here you are. Now, your top priority is getting your family member or friend out of jail and back home to you as soon as possible. It may be possible in this situation to get your loved one out of jail ahead of trial by posting a bail bond. Here's what you need to know if you find yourself in this situation.

A Bail Bond is a Financial Agreement 

When you have the opportunity to post bail through a bail bond company, you are getting your loved one released from jail while they await their time in court. The bail bond company you work with will post the bail on behalf of your loved one, the defendant. The bail bond company is making a promise or financial agreement that they will pay the full bail amount if your loved one doesn't arrive for the next scheduled court dates.

You Will Owe a Percentage Up-Front

The exact amount you will have to pay the bail bond company to enter this type of agreement might vary depending on the company's policies and the exact charges you are facing. This amount is not usually refundable but it will get the bail bond company to vouch for you and post bail to the court to get you released.

Collateral May Be On The Table

Because it is the bail bond company that is on the hook for the full amount of the bail if you don't show up for court, you may be asked to put some collateral on the table. This could be something like the title to your car, for example, or whatever you have that meets the bail bond company's terms and will cover the full amount of the bail or some percentage of it.

Don't Miss Your Court Dates

It's been mentioned already but it bears repeating: if you miss court dates and the bail bond company is left on the hook for the full amount of the bail, don't expect them to just let you go. It is likely they will try to track you down and this could include the use of a bounty hunter. Memorize and write down your court dates and be sure to show up on time.

To find out more about bail bonds, contact a local agent.