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5 Main Advantages To A Walk-Through Bail Bond

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Are you currently worried there may be a warrant out for your arrest? This can happen for many reasons, even unpaid traffic tickets. If you want to address the situation but don't want to end up in jail, a walk-through bail bond may be the answer. A walk-through bail bond is a bond that is procured through a bail-bond company before you turn yourself in to law enforcement. It enables you to be processed and then released rather than having to wait for a bond to be drawn up.

1. You Will Learn Your Bond Amount Immediately

Many times an individual may not even know how much their bond is or what charges they are facing. A bail bondsman will find out all this information for you so that you have peace of mind and so that you know exactly what your situation is. 

2. You Will Have Turned Yourself In

There are two major advantages to turning yourself in rather than being caught by law enforcement. Judges often look favorably upon those who turn themselves in rather than being caught, as it shows that you have taken the responsible course of action. But it can also be dangerous to be arrested; many things can happen if you are taken into custody while attempting to flee. Turning yourself in is much safer.  

3. You Can Begin Court Proceedings

As long as you are still wanted by the police you will still be accruing fees and be pursued by law enforcement. Once you turn yourself in you will get a court date and be able to begin the process of resolving your legal problems. 

4. You Don't Need to Pay the Full Amount

A walk-through bail bond works similarly to any other bond; rather than having to pay the full amount you can just pay a percentage. Usually this is 10%. Rather than paying a $20,000 bond, you can simply pay $2,000 to the bondsman who will then guarantee your continued presence in court. 

5. You Don't Need to Stay in Jail

Finally, the best reason to get a walk-through bail bond is right in the name: you walk right through. With this service you are bonded out immediately after turning yourself in. Otherwise you would need to wait in jail until someone came with the bail amount. 

For those with warrants out for their arrest, a bail bond is usually the fastest way to get their situation resolved. Bail bondsmen can give an individual more information regarding the process and any additional considerations. Most bail bondsman will be able to walk you through the entire process, including learning the charges levied against you.