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Get A Payday Loan Online For Quick Emergency Cash

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A payday loan is a good way to get money for an emergency. In most cases, you'll get the money quickly and you won't need good credit. You'll just need a checking account, proper identification, and regular income. The most convenient way to apply for a payday loan is to do it online. Here's how the process works.

Local Lender

If you fill out an online application with a local lender, you may have the option of picking up your money in person. If you need money right away, this is the quickest way to get it. You'll know right away if your application is approved, and once it is, you can drive to the loan office and pick up the cash. The payday loan company may also give you the option of receiving the money by direct deposit to your banking account. This might be a better choice if it is difficult for you to get to a local office due to transportation problems or because of your work schedule. 

Direct Deposit

If the payday loan company you choose doesn't have an office convenient to you, then you can still apply online and have the money deposited into your bank account rather than picking up the cash. This is more convenient for you, but it does delay getting the money. The deposit probably won't show up in your bank account until the next day. Still, the process is much quicker than going through a traditional lending company or a bank.


Getting a payday loan online is just the same as doing it in person. While your credit doesn't matter, you do need proof of an active bank account and proof of income. Be sure to have your documents ready in case you need to fax them to the loan company. You may need to fax your bank statement and payroll stub. The loan company will definitely need your bank account details since the loan repayment will be taken from your account when it is due. You'll also need to supply your social security number for identification as well as a phone number. In some cases, the loan company may want to call you after you apply online. If you don't answer your phone, your loan probably won't go through.

Advantages Of Applying Online

While you can get a payday loan in person at a local office, applying online (click here to continue reading) has its advantages. For one, it is much more convenient. You won't have to stand in line or arrange for transportation to the office. You'll know right away if you are approved for a loan so you won't have to make a trip to the office only to find out you can't get the money you need. Plus, applying online is discreet so you won't feel embarrassed that someone knows you're having a financial crisis.

A payday loan is a lifesaver when used responsibly. Whether you take one out in person or online, be sure you understand the terms of the loan so you are able to repay it on time. Since the repayment comes out of your bank account, it could put you in a bind if you don't have the money available when the loan payment is due.