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4 Ways To Cash A Check Without A Bank Account

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Do you have a check that you need to cash immediately? Do you not have a bank account or perhaps don't have access to a branch of your bank? The good news is that you have options available. There are a variety of ways to cash a check quickly without having access to a personal bank account. These methods may have fees involved, so it's important for you to explore all of your options before choosing one. Here are four of the most common ways to quickly cash a check without a bank account:

Go to the check-issuing bank. Most banks will cash checks that were drawn on one of their accounts, even if you don't have an account at that bank. Simply look at the check to see where it was written from and then go to one of those branches. The bank may charge a check-cashing fee if you don't have an account. The bank also may encourage you to open your own account at the bank so you can avoid paying the fee. No matter which route you choose, as long as the account is sufficiently funded and you have identification, the branch will cash the check.

Visit a retailer. Many major retailers will cash checks for a small fee. Visit your local grocery store, convenience store, or major retailer and simply ask them if they cash checks. Some will have signs at their customer service desk advertising the fact that they cash checks. Again, they may charge a small fee and ask to see an identification card. Also, some retailers may not cash personal checks. Instead, they may only cash checks from businesses and government institutions. If you have a personal check, a retailer may not be an option.

Prepaid card. Some banks offer prepaid debit cards that allow you to get some of the benefits of having a checking account without actually opening one. The way it works is that the bank issues you a debit card. You then use the debit card to deposit your check through the bank's ATM. Once the check clears, the funds are available to spend with your debit card. You can even use it at a store and request cash back. There may be a fee when the card is issued and also possibly fees when you use the card at an ATM.

Check cashing service. A check-cashing store will usually cash almost any check in exchange for a small fee. You can likely find a check cashing service in your area as they're extremely common. Many also serve as wiring services and payday lenders. As long as you have identification and are willing to pay the associated fee, a check cashing service could be a convenient option for you.

For more information, contact a check cashing service in your area, like Bridge Capital Solutions Corp. They can let you know whether they can cash your check.